Tranquility Lane Weddings is a beautiful outdoor wedding venue located in the Sierra Foothills!

Comment from Laurie D.

"This is a beautiful outdoor venue for weddings! There is a huge lush green lawn under a variety of trees with a stream and a bridge. They have everything we needed, a dance floor, lots of parking, a restroom and electricity. Two of my sons had their weddings here and everything went so smoothly! We had so much fun!"

Comment from Lisa O.

“I couldn’t believe this was my wedding, it was so beautiful! I never thought I’d deserve something so nice. I still have people telling me how beautiful it was.”

Comment From Sierra H.

"Having my wedding at Tranquility Lane Weddings was truly a dream come true. With the plums on the trees and the creek softly flowing around us, amplified by the soft light in the trees as the sun set. I'll never forget the magical feeling that surrounded us on such a special summer evening."